The start of a New Year can be an exhilarating time, but also one that leaves us with questions that we are searching for answers too. Will this be the year I sort my money out once and for all? Will this be the year I expand my income further than before?

I’m open minded to all the different ways that life can be viewed and understood. Whilst a lot of what I base my work on is centred in neuroscience, I think that science itself is not the explainer of all things and it is always worth seeing what might spark your thinking in other directions, to help answer these and the bigger questions that are out there.

Earlier this week I was delighted to be invited to attend an energy group. This energy group is a get together of people who work with energy in different ways. Think Reiki, crystals, and other balancing and healing work.

Money itself is energy, and money mindset work is all about learning to master and be a good conduit for that energy for yourself and others, so I always feel drawn to spend time to learn from others in energy work.

A good way to recognise the flow of money, it’s life as such, rather than that as a static object, is to hold a £10 note for example and imagine it’s journey, where it has been, who it has helped. Has this £10 brought food for the table, has it allowed someone to take a taxi to secure a business deal that created 1000’s of jobs, did it pay toward a dream holiday?

At the energy group we were introduced to life codes by the lovely Marina Duskov who is an Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant. Life codes are based in numerology and Ancient Hebrew thinking and give us a way to understand and connect to our life.

We each have our own life codes, based on our birth dates. You can…

You can work yours out using this calculator.   I’m a 6, which means I am a soul energy, one of my gifts therefore is connecting people and sharing ideas.  I love doing this!  My blogging, speaking and coaching is all to help people connect to each other and share.

All these codes come together under the “Tree of Life” which is a 2000 year old system of showing how the universe works together, and how we are all interlinked. If you want to know more this is a good You Tube video from Marina’s mentor, Heidi Sawyer, which explains each of the life codes and how they work together – so check out yours.

Read below the video for money and the life codes work together.

]How can this be used for you and your relationship to money this year?

If we firstly look at 2016, each year has its own energy too, and 2016 is a 9. The 9 stands for the subconscious. This means this a year of change when the subconscious comes to the fore.  We get rid of any habits and old behaviours that have not been serving us. It is also a year where our deeper thoughts and feelings rise to the surface whether we want them to or not. It’s going to happen for us each individually and for the world at large to so we can move on fresher, and with a different mindset and way for doing things for the future.

I think this is very exciting because when I work with clients who want to feel truly healthy with money and, as a result be more wealthy, it’s those hidden parts of us which we are not aware of, or choose to keep buried, that are often the factors that are holding us back. 

Trouble is we are often not aware of these factors on a day to day basis, but when we stop and take some time to bring them to the surface this can make the most significant change.  It really works if you have been trying lots of practical solutions with money but you still feel like you are wading through treacle with it all.  The

The missing piece of the jigsaw, is becoming aware of the thoughts and feelings inside us that are stopping us creating a positive energy with money.

The year of 9 indicates change of the status quo, so Marina also counselled us to be careful if we are taking on large debts this year.   We also spoke about the long lasting effect of our ancestors poverty on our mindset today too. For most of us, somewhere in our ancestry people have struggled, or had scarcity put upon them from world conditions, such as the World Wars.

For some of us we are still linked to the suffering, and feel the weight of that scarcity in our life today. This can manifest itself in never feeling secure no matter how much money we have, not allowing ourselves fun with our money, seeing money as very serious matter indeed, and feeling that struggle of want all the time, as we came at want from a place of can’t have or difficult to get.

These patterns can be changed, by exploring your mindset with money and if you feel drawn to techniques such as Emotional Release which Marina guides her clients through.

So 2016, the year of 9, of releasing our subconscious into the known, is the year to bring those matters forth and get them solved.When do you want to start to explore?

When do you want to start to explore?

Book your free 30-minute consultation with me to discover what could be holding you back from 2016 being your year.


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