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I’ll go to the gym tomorrow…………..the diet starts on Monday………………..I’ll start really paying attention to my money once this month is out of the way……

Sound familiar?

I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t thought like that at some point, or eek, quite often, in their lives.

The trouble is we all have a sense of what are hopes and dreams are.  We can sense the feeling of being a stone lighter, or hitting that six figure income, or feeling we are on the right track with money and life, but somehow the actually doing eludes us.

Forming new habits, and making change is a toughy.  Our brains are wired to work by referencing back to past experiences, and behaviours.  We have carved out pathways in our brains by doing this and our brains love to use the path of least resistance.  No hacking your its way through the rainforest for your brain, it wants that wide open well trodden path thank you very much.

So how can we change?  Is it just sheer willpower? Or can we harness something else to help us on our way?


Everything that we need to survive is wired into us to give us a shot of pleasure.  From the food we eat, to the lovely slumbers we like to take, to reproduction (good old sex to you and me).   These activities all fire off a load of neuro-chemicals that make us feel good.  One chemical in particular is Dopamine, which provides reward and satisfaction any time we do something good.

If we understand that Dopamine can help us bed in the change we want and stick to it,  then the next trick is learning how to make more of it.


So am I advocating that we just have more sex here and start at it like rabbits? (ooerr missus)

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Well that’s one route to more dopamine but here are some more discreet methods!

We can increase dopamine production through a number of methods

  • Imagine you giving ourselves a shot of dopamine!
  • Pleasure is better way better than willpower  – swapping your language and thoughts to happiness rather than focusing on pain will bring results
  • Little wins keep your dopamine reserves topped up – even completing a crossword, or puzzle will help in this.
  • Simply believing that your actions will create more dopamine can pump you full of the good stuff.
  • We produce dopamine when we achieve something, so set yourself deadlines.  E.g in the next hour I will get this blog post out!
  • Celebrate your wins

Sounds good eh?  Now you have this knowledge you could put it to work straight away.

Can’t you?

Or maybe you’ll start next Monday?

Well what I want to help you with is a practical everyday solution that can be used with you and your money, with added dopamine to get those new ways to stick.


Even with the knowledge above it can be hard to change.  One of the ways of super powering this is to have an accountability buddy who provides the support you need to make change happen.

Maybe you’ve been applying all the logic to your finances, to managing your money better, but still it is eluding you.   You are fed up with budgets restricting you (yes I want that latte and the mini custard tart thank you very much!) and you wish there was another way.

 Well here it is….


Don’t struggle to do it all alone.

Why not partner with THE MONEY BUDDY?

A simple guilt free framework for managing your money with added support along the way.

What The Money Buddy means for you:

  • No more floundering around , worrying if your doing the “right thing” with your money every month
  • The relief and excitement of knowing you are making in-roads to your financial freedom
  • Optional support and accountability: two key factors to creating change
  • Your brain flooded with dopamine as you feel the success and achievement consistently with you and your money.

What The Money Buddy includes:

  • Your Mindful Money Buddy Guidebook – This is a step by step guide to ditching the budget plan, and creating a mindful spending and saving plan designed to give you financial freedom and clarity.
  • Your Mindful Money Buddy Record Sheet – This is where it all happens; all set up for you, ready to enter your numbers
  • Access to private Facebook group (you can just observe or interact) with regular info to keep you track. Visualisations, positive language exercises you can use, ways of creating new beliefs, mini-goals over the month, a place to celebrate success.  All designed to make you in love with the way you manage money again.


Guilt free spending and saving – you know you are on the right track with your money

Stress free confidence around money

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to clarity

Open up a whole new world of thinking differently about money

Your investment for this is just £14.97 as a one off purchase (or sign up to my mailing list to get a super special offer)

I look forward to helping your become healthier and wealthier around money.









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