I was in a charity book shop this week.   Breathing in the musty fumes, of old, forgotten books, relegated to a box in the loft, and now released again for a new life,  when I heard a lady say…

“We can’t afford them all”

My ears pricked up like those of a dog hearing the rattle of their dinner bowl.

Upon further listening I hear a Mother talking to her maybe 4 year old daughter. (well I guess 4, I’m not good at judging these things)

“No you can’t have all these books, we can’t afford them all” gets repeated again

“Let me check how many pennies I have” says the lady, as all the money falls from her purse and clatters noisily to the floor.

So surely this is typical exchange?  Surely this is the type of discussion we are having every day .

AND of course it’s not feasible to have ALL we want.

Or is it?

Saying “we can’t afford it” will create an emotion in you.

That could be fear, anxiety, a feeling of lack or scarcity…..

The thing is if we talk to ourselves in these ways we then we all we are doing is raising our level of scarcity, that there is a finite amount of money, and it is not coming our way.

Now I am not saying that the Mum should have bought all the books the daughter wanted, what I am saying is that “we can’t afford it” could just be the easy answer.

The one that trips of the tongue as easy as a yes to chocolate cake.

And sometimes what seems to be the easy answer just, well, isn’t.

If we want to start bring more money into our lives we have to be grateful for what we already have, and recognise that we are CHOOSING where our money goes.

“No you can’t have all the books….we are choosing to spend our money on ballet lessons this month, so with the money we have left we can choose to have 2 books, how does that sound?”

That sounds like a grand conversation for a 4 year old, but remember our money stories are learnt early.

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Do you want your brain, your child’s brain, to be hearing about the choices you are making, and that you are abundant enough to make those choices OR do you want to limit it and utter the easy but possibly untruthful “we can’t afford it”.

You might be thinking well what about those times when I literally can’t afford it.  The same applies.  Tell yourself I could buy this book, skirt, course, go out for dinner, but I am choosing to pay the mortgage this month.  I am abundant enough to be able to do that.

This type of positive talk helps our brain focus on how we are already bringing money into our lives and making choices.  When we focus on the abundance we already have we raise our focus to look for more.

So go forth and train your brain to think abundantly.  If you haven’t downloaded the 5 daily actions to increase your wealth than now is the time, as this helps you raise that level of abundance every day.


P.s Prefer to hear all about it – plus some extra goodies?  Catch the replay of my Periscope on my You Tube channel. 




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