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“I need more clients…………..”

In a recent survey online with a group of solo-entrepreneurs they said one of their biggest challenges was finding more clients.   Is this you?  Are you needing more of something in your business and life?  Does it feel like an insurmountable wall moving things forward?

I’m sure you have done the hard work, putting in more hours, spending more on marketing, networking more, pumping your twitter feed….surely it’s just a numbers game eh?

BUT what if it isn’t?

What if hard work is not the only route to success?  What if it is not the only route to a healthier and wealthier bank balance?

Growth happens when you relax into solutions and make strategic decisions.   It is useful to realise that we all have CHOICE when it comes to how we think.   When we realise we have this choice we become authentic to ourselves and that makes us more powerful.

The Power Of Our Brains

I love the geeky art of neuroscience and how our brain deals with what we do (our behaviour) and how it works when we want to change something we want to do.

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In our brains we have over 100 BILLION neurons which create connections for us in our brains.

As an interesting factoid  – we have 100 MILLION neurons in our tummies – which makes it the equivalent to a cow’s brain!  So next time you have a gut feeling you should remember your tummy has a brain!

Running your own business can be a scary thing, and comes with lots of decisions to make on an alarmingly regular basis.   You might find it is not unusual for you to be thinking……

Any of those feel familiar? 

I could list others – worrying about what people think of you, worrying your not focusing on the right things.  We are a self depreciating lot sometimes!

So how do neuroscience and thinking go together to help you create more clients in your business?

Often when we are trying to make a change in our lives we focus just on the behaviours to get our desired results.   If I cut out biscuits I will lose weight.   Factually correct, but how many of us have found our way back to the biscuit tin?

The thing is that your behaviour and results you get are just the tip of the iceberg.

What is really going on underneath?


Well let’s start with the thought “I’m not good enough”.

When we think that produces an emotion.

You might be anxious, deflated, feeling unsure.

When we feel an emotion that produces our behaviours.

You then work long hours, try to cram in more marketing, and start trying a variety of different this will work schemes.

Our behaviour produces us a result.

You burn out trying to do everything, and anything and despite your hard work – drat, you still have no more clients.

Despite appearing to do the right things, it is possible that you have no more clients because your are working from a thought that you are “not good enough”.

The science bit….

Now I have to point out at this juncture that I am not of the brigade that just says think about something positive and it will happen for you.   BUT I do know the power of observing your thoughts and thinking through your potential outcomes.   I also KNOW that my brain is capable of making new pathways for me to think along, so if I trust my brain can do the work, and I give it the right thought inputs then I believe that you can change your results.

Sir Robert Winston (the scientist on our TV’s with the big mustache!) has a fab way of explaining how our brains make new pathways.  This clip is just 3 minutes long but explains it all…  Have a watch.


So how about making your own rope bridge to a new thought pattern to get those results you want.  (Not sure what I’m on about? Watch the video above)


Thought – Emotion – Behaviour – Result

Let’s start with a positive thought.

I am effective.

(Even if you don’t believe it yet, don’t worry your brain is a muscle and will be working to make that new pathway, if you just try it out and give it a chance)

What emotion do you get when you read that?  Confidence, a feeling of potential, security?

I feel confident.

You are feel confident so the behaviour you display is focused, as you set about making strategic alliances.

Your behaviour is focused and strategic.

The result  – more clients.

As you train your brain to build the rope bridge of effectiveness, your resulting feelings drive your behaviours in a more effective way, resulting in more clients.

I am effective – I feel confident – I make strategic decisions – which result in more clients

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