I want to share a moment I had a few weeks back where I was blindfolded and shouted at.

Just before you say it this wasn’t something from 50 Shades of Grey……

But it did have a profound effect on me.

And thankfully it was a good one.

Not so for my also blindfolded colleague.

He gave up.

How close are you on giving up on any thoughts of earning six figures or more?


To work out what in my colleagues brain made him give up listen to the first two minutes of this video showing Dan Siegel, leading interpersonal neuro-biologist.   It’s a bit freaky what’s going on in between those ears of yours.


How did you feel?

What difference was there for you?

I recently experienced this first hand at a speakers training event and I volunteered for a little experiment which involved me being blindfolded.  (Oh so that’s the story eh….)

I had the whole room shout YES at me, to indicate I had got closer to find the object they had sent me “looking” for.

My colleague on the other hand, had the whole room shouting NO at him.

He couldn’t find the object, and gave up.  Blindfold off.

Research has shown that hearing the word NO or other words that hold negative connotations for us actually release stress hormones into our brains, meaning that we make more rash and irrational decisions.

They raise our stress levels because back in caveman times we had more

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chance of surviving if we avoided the negative situations.  (We are back to the tiger eating us again).  So if we could avoid being eaten by the tiger but someone shouting NO and us running out the way then all well and good, but we needed the elevated stress levels to make all that happen.

By triggering our stress receptors we leave ourselves reacting short term.

But what about the YES words, what happens to them?

Research shows that positive words propel the motivation parts of our brain into action.

Let me show you an example of positive words creating action, which you can use to build your business and income.

I was just listening to an interview with Nikki Elledge-Brown.

Some of you may have heard of her…..  I certainly hadn’t until a few months ago.

The one thing you might want to know about her is that she went from being a part-time teacher and park ranger to a multi-six figure business owner, in just 18 months….

How did she do that?

In the interview one the key points she made was about how much she worked on her mindset during that time and still ongoing today.

She recognised that her brain was wired to obsess on the negative.   (How many times have you not been able to get out of your head that one negative thing someone said to you that day?)

To combat that she surrounded herself with like minded forward looking people, information and input.

And from that she learned to know and trust her value.

And hold that value as something unique that she could offer.   Focus on the positive and the value she was providing by sharing her skills with the world, and being open to receiving payment for those skills.

Her positive environment propelled the motivation parts of her brain into action.

And taught herself to be her own cheerleader.

So who are your cheerleaders? 

Cheerleader 1# – Yourself

Research has shown even if we do something positive, if we secretly hate it, you will not get the benefit of it.   Example – you get your butt up to go running, at last, after days of saying you will, and all the time you are pounding the streets your saying I hate this, I hate this.


This triggers your stress hormones and that cancels out all the happy hormones you get from exercising.

So you may as well have stayed on the sofa.

So you have to not let those stress receptors fire.

Even if you do hate it, find something you like about it – fresh air, seeing the trees, taking care of your body, time to listen to your music and repeat the positive statement as you run.

You have to encourage the positive over the negative.

Positivity has an upward spiral.

Negativity has a downward spiral causing our brain to shut down higher level functions. 

Cheerleader #2 – You again

Cheer leading has all to do with how you receive good things into your life.  Nikki Elledge Brown had to get herself in a position to receive multi six figure income and the goodness that was coming her way by owning her value.

When was the last time received a compliment?

And what did you do with it?


Any of those familiar?

If we are truly going to receive a compliment, and use that to fire our positive minds rather than our stress receptors (that make us make irrational decisions remember….) then try this for size, and see how it feels.


Look the person in the eye.


And say


“Thank you”


“Let me take that in”


“I really want to hear you”


It’s a little culturally difficult for first to do this, but trust me, be brave and your brain will thank you for it.   (You may even feel those new positive pathways forming as you graciously accept the gift that person is handing to you)

Your six figure business is waiting for you to accept it

Next week I’ll share with you more insights into build high level income and brain geek tweaks that you can make to build success.

In the meantime let me know about your experience of truly receiving a compliment and what difference that has made in your life in the comments below.


P.s Did you know you can get a free clarity call by clicking here?  I’d love to discover your unique value with you.  A clarity call is a 30 minute call where we laser focus on your biggest challenge and work out a way forward.



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