It’s that time of year where everything is geared toward us making the most of the fading moments of the year and barreling us fast toward Christmas.

It can be all to easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all and push our plans for our income for 2018 aside.  Maybe it feels too overwhelming, maybe it feels like you should have done it ages ago, maybe it feels like you just can’t look at any numbers.

Whatever it is I want you to leave that feeling aside for just a moment and take one minute to yourself.

Getting calm enough to plan

I came across this fabulous gallery of mindfulness pictures yesterday when I was coaching a fellow coach.  (Yes coaches need coaches – we know it works!).   All you need is one minute and you will simply feel your brain reset to calm and opens. My favourite its below.  You can choose your favourite here.


Revving up for planning

On the flip side when we feel think we might want to do some planning but can’t seem to get started here are six ways to psychological ways to start revving your engine!

I particularly love the Zeigarnik effect.  The idea that even if you do one tiny thing toward a project the rest will follow, based on the premise that we hate to leave things unfinished.

The Zeigarnik effect in action

Here is a tiny thing you can do to start planning your income streams for 2018 so that you can smash your financial goals.   Register for my FREE online workshop, being held on Tuesday 12th December, where we will be aligning your income streams with your biggest dreams, creating a roadmap for your income and I’ll also be sharing with you one way you can add a new income stream to within 24 hours to your life.

You can register right here.  Your brain and income will thank you for it!


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