Want a money mindset just like this baby?? Read on!

I just firstly want to start out by saying sorry.  Sorry for my radio silence over the summer.  You see I have been having my hands full with the new addition to the Domanska clan! The Little Lady is just coming up for three months and you’ll be glad to hear that my brain has switched back on to matters other than baby poo!

Abstract times

Before Baby (BB) I remember saying I had no idea what life might be life After Baby.  Despite my humongous belly it seemed very abstract that I was having a baby at all…. People said to me “get your sleep in now” and “life changes forever” and I was left wondering if it was just some over dramatisation or if it were all true!

Not being one to sit about,  I continued coaching until a week before I was due, and was found at yoga and swimming at 12 days over (yep – little one did not want to budge!)….And here we are almost 3 months on enjoying life with our little girl.

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Patiently waiting………

Crazy Truths

So what has this crazy but precious time taught me about money and mindset that you can use whether you are expecting or not!

  • Decisions around money are easier when you love your work – I love my work and will be happy to go back to it. A lot of women I know stick it out in jobs they hate just to get the maternity pay, not realising that actually you can get state maternity if you work for yourself (different rules for sole traders v limited companies).  Find out what it is that makes you tick right now – don’t wait.
  • Started your own business right now – Your desire to spend more time doing for yourself and family rather than being a corporate bod can heighten once baby is here. I’m glad I’d already started on that road – so if you are thinking of working for yourself then why not start a side hustle right now so that you have something to transition to in the future that is your own.
  • Make the most of all of your little bits of time – I used to faff about a bit, making a coffee, going down the blackhole of the internet now and again BB but AB you start to know what you can really achieve in 20 minutes! Baby down for a nap – what can I do?  Eat, sleep, OR shower (not all three!) in the early days but now you might find me answering emails or working on a blog post or being interviewed for a podcast.  A good way for you to use this idea is to set a timer for your task for 20 minutes and see what you can get done against the clock.
  • Distill your business and life down to the really important goals – I’ve got 101 things would love to achieve for my business but you have to decide on how you are going to give the best value to people and at the same time provide the best value to yourself. For me I am focusing on four things.  Free valuable content, building an online course,  one-to-one coaching and PR.
  • Make the most of how you will stretch your pocket, whilst feeling great about it – I hadn’t realised how good the baby world was for this. You can get everything you need secondhand if you want.  Just think how you are saving towards environment and also making your own pocket go that bit further.  The important thing with secondhand and mindset is as long as it makes you feel first class then it is totally worth doing.  If it doesn’t then explore what it is that makes it feel economy for you, or just accept “preloved” is not for you.   Personally I love the thrill of a bargain and the idea that another baby gets the fun/cuteness/smiles etc from the same item.
  • Be open to receiving – This is one time where I really had to sit back and let other people help me. I’m normally the one who likes to be in control and doing.  I had to practice the art of being grateful to receive and allowing people to give me the gift of their time and presence.   Have a think about in your life where you block the receipt of giving?  If you are blocking it can stop money flowing to you too.  Next time someone wants to do something for you or give you something just relax and go with the flow.

So I challenge you to:

  • Taking that first baby step toward doing something you love (if you are not already)
  • Making the most of those 20 minute gaps to do something to forward your money mindset
  • Spend one of those 20 minutes brainstorming what your top 3 goals are and are your activities supporting you in that
  • Check out the local charity shop, eBay or Facebook the next time you are thinking of making a purchase – you might be surprised what you can get nearly new.
  • And if you are still reading this then fling those arms open wide and say OUT LOUD…




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