You let it be your new BFF, and do some wacky, wonderful and amazing things together, and then decide, I never liked you really, as you stick out your tongue and race off as fast as you can down the other end of the playground……..

If you find yourself constantly turning your back on money.

You need this.

You need to know how to have that BFF in your life.

You deserve to have a Best Friend all your life till you are sitting on the deck still giggling away, reveling in being gin lushes together.

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This is the plan.  You need to start right now with sorting out those things in your life that are annoying, that are irritating, that downright get on your goat, and you know wouldn’t take much to fix.

Because a Best Friend doesn’t tolerate you not taking care of yourself.  It doesn’t tolerate the missing key on your laptop, the murky grey depths of your bra straps, the spare room that has become your dumping ground.   Your Best Friend has got your back, but like all Best Friends, you have to have theirs too.

So don’t tolerate anything in your life that makes you feel like a loser.  Notice when things aren’t quite right and do something about it.  These small changes will make you friends again with money.

And then you will find money wants to come round to play.




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