I’ve been working with people and money for over 20 years and the one thing I have consistently noticed is that everyone worries about money to some extent. For you it might be sleepless nights or it could simple be that niggle in the back of your head that you could be doing “it” better.


You’ve tried all the usual advice, budgets that have left you feeling deprived, bans on shopping, only going out once a week but none of it has stuck. You don’t know why you are “no good with money.”

And seeing people bash themselves with the stick of money shame makes me sad, for I know there is another way.

Before we talk about that some more though let me tell you little bit about myself. 

Upgrade Your Life


Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me?

…..I have come from a place of fear and lack around money.

After nearly burning myself into the ground with working all hours to try and get that sense of security that I thought more money would bring, that never came, I knew there had to be another way.

My relationships with loved ones, friends and family were suffering and my health was on the edge. Having a love/hate rollercoaster ride with money was doing me no favours – What was I missing?

Once I discovered that it all changed.

That was a number of years back now and since then I have successfully sold that business, created passive income streams and am doing work I love.

I’ve designed a roadmap based on my 20 years experience of my money path and taking other people on their money journey, that’s straight forward and that provides the missing piece of the jigsaw to getting this money stuff sorted once and for all.

Current clients include those running their own businesses, those looking to escape the 9-5, and professionals in senior roles. Having a money mindset that you are not happy with knows no boundaries.

Here is how they became money confident and how you can too.

Uplevel your income

Avoid these 2 mistakes if you want to become comfortable with money

#MISTAKE ONE – Setting yourself a restrictive budget. Hands up who likes a budget. It’s like going on a diet, it works for a while and then your hand strays back into the biscuit tin… I’m sure you’ve been there, so don’t cause yourself heartache, don’t do it! Imagine being in control of your finances and still having money for fun…it is possible.

#MISTAKE TWO – Thinking being wealthy is for someone else or who would want to be like them anyway! – It is in your power to be what ever type of wealthy person you want to be. Imagine what you would create and do with your wealth. 

The key to up-grading your life, up-levelling your income and being money confident

The two mistakes you just discovered show that the key to upgrading your life in many ways is to have some fun practical strategies around money & income and to have the tools to unlock your money mindset.

The best way to do this is by raising your awareness of your money mindset and build your knowledge on all things money & income that matter to you.

This 5 week Money Mindset Course makes this easy.

Caroline helped me think of my life in a different way and by asking the right questions and bringing interesting frameworks and exercises she helped me build my confidence back.

Maria Stephens

Senior Corporate Manager & Mum of 3

I was able to put structure into my thoughts and plan my goals and ensure steps were put in place to achieve them. I was able to not only focus on my views on finances but actually was able to progress further into other areas of my life.

Kim Maye

Corporate Manager

Through the course I have greater confidence and more knowledge that I can make small steps to help me get closer to where I want to be which has helped make me less worried.

Rhoda Bouaziz

Personal Wedding Flower Designer



Create Your Money Blueprint is a 5 week course to teach you everything you need to know to creating more possibility in your life, to attracting more money & income and being in control of your finances.

After this course you will have the plan for financial freedom, you will know where you have been stopping yourself from attracting more money, and you will have the tools to manage your finances with ease.

You will avoid that baffling feeling of why don’t we have a little more? Get rid of that weight of pushing your income uphill.

All of this in easy to digest weekly practical solutions and mindset boosts that you will look forward to and can easily fit in with your day.

Here is what is inside each module

  • A fun but enlightening practical task to help you get on top of your finances so that you feel money confident
  • A tool to provide the motivation and ability for you to make changes to your money mindset that support you so that you can start seeing money & income changes rapidly
  • The jigsaw pieces that will make up your money blueprint for creating your first class life and financial freedom so that you know each step you need to take to get there

What essentials will you learn?

This is my signature 5 step process to creating your richer life (yes that sand between your toes), to earning more (without the toil) and to being money confident (yes I want you walking into the room head high).

Module 1 – Your Money Why – money motivations so you can truly see why you want money in your life so that it becomes easier to attract more money into your life . “The bigger the why the easier the how” – Jim Rohn

Module 2 – Your Money Practicalities – A mindful way of looking at the basics of organising your finances which releases money blocks and guilt and fear around money. Spend & save happily & easily.

Module 3 – Your Money Story – What have you learnt about money over time? How is that serving you or not? Let’s create some new chapters in your money story just for you, how’s your story going to turn? Imagine living without the shackles of the past and feeling it is possible to upgrade your life to where you want to be.

Module 4 – Up-level your income – Are you getting in your own way of receiving more income and value into your life? Let’s throw our arms wide and start to unlock what’s stopping you receive more money in. Mindset and practical solutions to income generation so that you can have the money you want in your life.

Module 5 – Your Blueprint – Bring it all together and be money confident, creating your blueprint, your roadmap for your first class life, your increased income and feeling great about money. You will have a step by step plan to continue to make it happen.

Upgrade: Live Your Richer Life. Uplevel : Earn More Confidence : With Your Money

Take a sneaky peak inside Create Your Money Blueprint

Caroline incorporates a range of very practical exercises which helped me to go deeper, quickly and I’m seeing results – and it started with upgrading my mindset and living more abundantly.

Tracy Kelly

Performance Coach & Founder www.thepercolator.co.uk

I’ve found the confidence to try out new ways of making money. Caroline is a warm, friendly and helpful person to work with – and she doesn’t make you feel bad about your spending habits!

Rachel Anderson


Working with Caroline was extremely valuable and worthwhile. I now have clarity on how my past money stories had the potential to hold me back, and I’ve made some major mindset shifts that are already paying dividends.

Natalie Sutton

Entrepreneur, NLP Coach & Lego Serious Play Facilitator www.nataliesutton.co.uk




You will receive access to the full course which includes access to the tools you can use to upgrade your life, up-level your income and be money confident straight away.

  • BONUS – Lifetime access to all the course materials (now and future additional materials) (VALUE – Unlimited)
  • BONUS – Private Money Mindset & Up-Level Income Forum access so you can share your challenges and wins, and get extra support from me to boost your journey. (VALUE £300 p.a)
  • BONUS – Money Buddy Mindful Spending Framework ready for you to personalise (VALUE £15)
  • BONUS – Swipe file of over 50 ideas to create your passive income (VALUE – Unlimited!)
  • BONUS – Instant access to recordings of group webinars so you can quick start your journey (VALUE £97)

The Low Down

Before I started Create Your Money Blueprint I felt like I did not want to engage with money and was avoiding the confrontation. I was surprised at the difference that engaging with Caroline made as well as the easy to understand good, positive elements on structuring my money, could make. I feel more positive around money, that I have more understanding around my money blocks and creation of financial freedom. Caroline is an excellent coach, an easy listener and very positive.

Andrew S


I knew it was important for me to move to the next level and I have achieved that with more awareness around my money management and in life as a whole, with different ways to think about particular situations in my life. Don’t worry Caroline won’t overload you and will give you lots of practical help to move forward.

Ravi Solanki

Estate Planner & Lifestyle Trainer

I was completely confident in Caroline from our first meeting and would recommend her to anyone.

Liz Guthrie

Business Owner www.lizguthriebeauty.com

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Take this course risk free. I know this 5 step process works in my heart and my bones and I’ve seen it work for so many, as the testimonials show BUT if it turns out that it wasn’t for you – for WHATEVER reason just email me and I’ll issue you a refund.

You have made it this far – Here is what that means

If you made it this far down the page it means that you are determined to change your money mindset & increase your income.

Maybe you have had this niggling feeling you could be doing better for a while and dream of a time when your income and bank balance match your ablity.

You know that you can be allies with money, without the heartache.

Question is what are you going to do about it?

You could keep doing what you are doing and getting the same result.

Or give Create Your Money Blueprint a try and join others who are now upgrading their life, up levelling their income and becoming money confident. 

Questions you might want the answer to?

  • I see you are in the UK but I live elsewhere in the world. Will the course work for me? – Yes, the practical solutions and mindset boosts are not currency or location specific. All webinars will be recorded so you can watch at your leisure. Our one to one coaching session will be scheduled with your timezone in mind.
  • I’m allergic to spreadsheets are you going to make me do anything as horrid as complete one? NO! My mindful spending and saving strategy does not require you to slave over a spreadsheet whilst coming out in a rash….I wouldn’t do that to you!
  • Is this all mindset woo-woo stuff? It’s a blend of easy practical systems for your money and income and tools to break your money blocks. These work with you to change your mindset, but I base Create Your Money Blueprint around intention, awareness, neuroscience and the ability of our brain to create new pathways. Some of it maybe feel a little woo to you as you get started but there’s no naked dancing round a fire here!
  • I’m on holiday/ have commitments/worried about time – What if I can’t complete it in 5 weeks? – It’s OK, there is no obligation to “keep up”. You have lifetime access to all the material.

Create Your Money Blueprint

A 5 week Money Mindset & Income Strategy Course available for you to start immediately

  • Access to full 5 week course so you can get started as soon as possible
  • Easy to access modules that you can look at on your phone, tablet or laptop so that you can be boosting your mindset on the go.
  • Bonus instant play webinars

I can’t wait to meet you

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