Success can mean a lot of different things.

But ultimately one of the definitions is the bottom line.


And one of the factors influences money coming into our lives is selling,

And how we feel about selling ourselves and how we feel about receiving money.


Now I’m not talking about selling ourselves in the oldest profession in the world sort of way….

BUT how we feel about putting ourselves forward, how we feel about stepping into our value and really inviting in what we are really, really, really worth.

The trouble is we often have a lot of clutter going on our minds.

Clutter like “Am I good enough?”, “Will be like me or what I have to offer?”, “Maybe I can’t do this”…..

Let’s upgrade!

Let’s look at how to step beyond all that clutter and really own your power, let’s upgrade where we are…..

Firstly let’s look at where you are now, where we want to be, and what is stopping us getting there.

Try this exercise to get your upgrade thoughts moving….

Like cake we need a great set of ingredients to rise, to not be soggy in the middle and be an all round delicious item!

  1. What ingredients do you need to achieve the level of income you want? – Make a note of the first 3 things that come to mind.
  2. What skills, behaviours or traits do you need to become a better version of you? – Again make a note of the first 3 things that come to mind
  3. Think of a particular project or goal that you want to achieve this year.

Great BUT I bet…….

What you have written to the above are things that you have been trying to do, again and again and again?

Why is it that you are not achieving these very things that seem so logical and sensible to do?

The Shadow

When we want to achieve something, a goal such as increasing our income, we have to not only look at the positives of this but the shadow, the dark side of achieving our goal.

Let me tell you a little story first of all.

So later this year I want to launch an online course that will give all you lovely people access to me in a different way, that allows you to work as you want (click here if you want to be on the list to be the first to know when it is coming (and get sneak previews, early bird discounts and more…)

I’ve been working on this for a while but before I started doing so I spent some time visualising the outcome.

I imagined the course had been launched and it was a great success.  I really stepped into that scene and felt the joy of that success, the satisfaction of reaching my income goals, and the great feeling of helping more people than I can do currently on a 1:1 basis.

Now we are taught a lot just to focus on the positives and somehow erase the negatives – something like covering up a cowpat with icing….  It’s still gonna be a cowpat!  So we need to face these negatives head on.

So when I thought about having achieved a successful online course the negatives of that success came up for me like this:

  • Maybe the journey would have been too hard for me physically and mentally
  • What about the pressure of maintaining this new income level?
  • What if it meant I leapfrogged hubby in terms of income?
  • What if I needed to take on more staff?

By making myself aware of these “prices of success” meant I could work out what was really going on in my mindset, and make changes accordingly.

I had to asked myself – would I take the upgrade?


If you don’t look at the shadow there is the big chance you will be subtly sabotaging yourself not to achieve what you want.  For example, I might not prioritise my content creation, so the date of launch get’s pushed back, or I find a new project to work on that suddenly seems more important, or not promote myself fully.  All to keep me in my comfort zone, and not put me in danger of potentially getting my negative outcomes.

What is your shadow?

Let’s have a go at this exercise yourself.

Imagine you go to bed tonight and a magic wand has been waved as you sleep and when you wake your wish has been granted.

All the upgrades you wanted from the first exercise have happened.

What this has resulted in got everything you wanted in regard to you, and how you generate the level of income in your business, that one thing you really want to work, that one project you are working on.

It’s happened and it is all a success!

What can you see, feel, hear and smell?

What emotions are running through you now you have your wish?

Now list the positive feelings

Now visit the shadow and list the negative feelings.


Excellent, you have taken to first step to releasing any blocks to upgrading your income as the first stage is raising your awareness.  This can sometimes be enough.  Alternatively, if you would like to delve a bit deeper within coaching I work with people to remove these barriers and work on actions to confidently move you to the next level.

You can find out more by booking a complimentary clarity call.  I’d love to hear from you.


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