Ever dreamed of giving it all up and following your wanderlust? 

Meet Chase & Mandy who have done just that with three boys in tow.   Discover their adventure, how they deal with the unknowns and the money mindset shifts they have made to make their dream a living reality.


Living Nomad Style.  Now that is a statement.

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It is one that describes our very way of life now. We are true modern day Nomads.

Before becoming Nomads, our family still moved frequently, with the exception of one longer stint in a single house in Missouri. But, before that home, we moved every year or two. And after that home, but before our Nomad conversion, we moved every year or two. So let’s just say that we were already accustomed to moving.

I am an entrepreneur, investor and businessman. I have founded, co-founded and been asked to join the teams of other companies. This kept me very busy with little excess time to spare.  Before we went Nomad I had shifted all of my communications, documents and business workflows to be online so that I could more easily work from any one given point.

But, I was still working. All the time.

One day, Mandy and I sat down and tried to figure out how we could spend more time together and allow our sons to do more than read about the world. We wanted them to be able to actually experience it, to live it. Mandy came up with the idea of becoming Nomads.

And our plan…..

We loved the idea and thought it could be a plan because:

1)  I was already working from home and most of my work tools were already internet based.  So the transition to being able to work from anywhere was not difficult.

2) We had already been homeschooling for years. So, the transition of schooling anywhere had no challenges.

3) And, we always believed and taught our boys that family was first. This reinforced a stronger family unit because it built reliance upon family instead of friends.  We support our boys in having the communication tools to stay in touch with friends.

Logically there was nothing preventing us from this pathway and we had no attachment to any particular geographic region. With these thoughts in mind, we sold everything in our 4700 square foot house, bought a 40 square foot cargo trailer, converted to a Nomadic Lifestyle and hit the road. 

Since embarking on our adventure, we have visited classic theme parks, climbed the tallest mountain East of the Mississippi, took pictures outside the White House and much more. Every day is a new possibility for adventure. We live a life that many only dream of and, quite honestly, others are afraid to embark upon because of all of the unknowns.

So what were the scary parts – the unknowns?

Let me tell you, we were equal parts excited and cautious as we began our journey. Many people have turned Nomadic in an RV, backpacking or part-time Nomads with a permanent home base they live at most of the time.  However, we couldn’t find a blueprint or instruction manual for a family of homeschooling Nomads that live out of a cargo trailer and move every 2 to 3 months……..

So, we had to create our own plans. Some plans failed. Others thrived. We simply tested them, modified the ones that were not working, solidified the ones that did and moved on. Sure, we run into our fair share of challenges. But, so do stationary families. Our challenges simply are unique to our lifestyle. And we have to face them without a permanent base beneath us. It makes us a stronger family unit. We have to rely on each other. And it causes our ability to address problems and create solutions on the fly to be enhanced.

We have enjoyed our journey thus far with no regrets. Some would think that we might have thought, “What did we do?” It could not be further from the truth. We enjoy every day as well as the possibility of more adventure as we move onto the next place.

The mindset shift

One big mindset shift that we had to train ourselves for was the budgeting. In a stationary home, you pay your bills monthly for the house and utilities. With our lifestyle, depending on how long we are going to stay in one place, we have to pay for the whole thing upfront. So, we have to save for months and make one big payment every 2 to 3 months instead of smaller amounts each month. It was a shift in cash flow management processes. After a few times, we became accustomed to the new process and it was engrained in our habits.

Money to our family is a tool. Just like a hammer is a tool.

Nomad Money Quote
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We do not covet money. And it does not give us strength, courage or power. We do believe that money cannot buy you happiness. However, we firmly believe that it is a tool that can be used to remove obstacles that may stand in your way from fully enjoying life.

Can you be penniless and still be happy? Sure you can. However, I would venture to say that someone who has money for food will be able to enjoy that part of their life a little better than those without food.

We are also strong believers that money does not change a person. It only amplifies what was already there. A horrible person now has a tool to multiply their horribleness. At the same time, a wonderful person with money has a tool to multiply their wonderfulness.

[bctt tweet=”We derive strength, courage, power, security and many other things associated with money through internal fortitude and belief in ourselves. “] And, typically, we like to give time instead of money because we feel it is more valuable and useful. You can lose money and make more. But once you spend one second of time on something or with someone, you can never get it back. It is finite and thus we hold it in higher regard.

As modern day Nomads, we reject what is commonly the norm. We do not purposely seek to be different. We simply seek to be and do what is best for us. We travel. We home school. We are holistic and naturopathic in our health care. And we are a liberty loving, free market supporting family. We are a close family with love and true joy in our days.

We are Living Nomad Style.

You can find out more about Chase, Mandy and their boys adventure at their website  or catch up with them on Facebook 

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