Financial freedom.


What does that mean to you?


Having enough money to do whatever you want, whenever you want?


Know you have enough money to live a comfortable life without working?


Or maybe for you, it is working but having more choice about who you work for and how you work.


Whichever it is that floats your boat and sounds ideal to you is great, BUT what is your plan to get there?


Hoping it out?


Are you just hoping that your good intentions will get you there?


Or maybe you just think it is too difficult so have just shelved the idea altogether, hoping something will happen along the way?


If so you are in good company as one of 55% of people in the UK who say they feel inadequately prepared for the future.


But you know that hoping isn’t the way forward….but you wish there was someone who could show you the way to do it (and preferably in some easy to follow way!)



The 5 steps to financial freedom



  • Make sure your income is in tip top condition

Challenged yourself on your income lately?  Often we get stuck in a rut of well that is just the way things are here or we are lucky to be paid what we do.  In my experience though often we set our own limits on what we expect our income to be.  Why not apply for that job that is a whole pay grade above your expectations – you might be surprised.

  • Are you managing your money well on a day to day and month to month basis?

That feeling of money slipping through your fingers can be solved by a few simple tweaks that still provide you freedom.

  • How are your investments doing? Are you even investing at all?

If you leave your money to do nothing it is just moving backwards all the time.  You know how you say the cost of living is always rising – well you need to consider making your money work for your in order to keep pace.

  • Ever thought about creating another income stream?

This is an important key to your success – you can’t just save your way to financial freedom. Think rental property or maybe a small online business?  There is a lot of ideas out there just waiting for your input.

  • And the big booster – how is your current lifestyle?

You choose where you deploy your money. Ever wondered if you could get your financial freedom now or in 5 years? I have many clients who just needed to reorganise and boost a couple of areas and were surprised at how quick they could attain their freedom.

Want to know more about attaining your financial freedom?


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