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You know what’s really weird for us Brits?

Dogs.  Everywhere.

In handbags, in shops, on the trains and planes, and that big slobbery dog in the pizza parlour enjoying a three course meal with his owners.

Yep I’ve just come back from Europe, well Bologna to be exact, where dogs go everywhere with their owners.  (The same happens in Berlin, so must be a European type thing I’m thinking…………)

Now don’t get me wrong, the British are well known for loving their mutts, but they are certain rules for gawd sake…….. And taking your four legged friend into Pizza Express to enjoy Orange Wednesday certainly isn’t one we go around breaking.

But do you know what everyone was doing it, and no one batted a eyelid, the doggies looked happy….so made me think that perhaps having your dog accompany you to dinner wasn’t all bad, and just because it was a rule that we have, doesn’t mean it is the best way.

And sometimes that’s how we have to be when we want to create a better flow of money in our lives.

[bctt tweet=”Because maybe it is the rules, expectations, the doing the same old thing that means you aren’t getting anywhere fast……..”]

Here is one golden method that I learnt from Kylie Patchett to use to start giving yourself permission to rule break, and change the money flow in your life.  (Don’t worry there is no detention or 100 lines for doing this, just a little naughty feeling….*insert smile and wink*).

Firstly grab your notebook, jotter, back of envelope and brain dump everything you have to do over the next week in your business and/or personal life.  Keep going until you can think of no more….

Now you look at the list it might seem a bit of a mahoosive pile….

For each thing on your list give it either star if it makes you feel yeah!, a grumpy old face if it’s something you’d really rather not do and so so face for those that you feel neutral about.

Then look at the so-so faces and the grumpy faces and ask yourself, what can I give myself permission to let go of.

So try breaking your own rules, turn them on their head, look at them from another way, or dump them altogether.  Once you create more flow in your life, then the money flows better too.

Try the unexpected, challenge your thinking, and you too might enjoy the company of dogs in a pizzeria.

Let me know in the comments below what one thing you are going let go and give yourself permission to rule break.


P.s If you hadn’t heard I’m doing a speaking engagement in Abu Dhabi on the 8th June 2015 on breaking your income ceilings.  Click here to access the details.  Oh and please feel free to share.








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