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So there is a word for it.  An actual proper, Wikipedia says so, name for fear of money.

Now you must be shouting at me now, saying I’m having crazy thoughts, because surely we all want to have more money?  Why else do we get up for work every day?  (OK I’m sure there are more reasons just than money but go with me here, you know what I mean…)

So you are thinking that you want to make the next spot up in your sales team, grow your business so it not only employs you but someone else too, or you fancy that promotion at work with the swish corner office and a lady who brings you tea (whoops sorry back in a 1980’s power film there) …….

Trouble is each of these comes with more responsibility.

Responsibility – what does that mean?

Responsibility for your performance and getting up there with the big guns in your sales organisation.

Responsibility for making enough to provide for other employees

Responsibility for your level of expertise to maintain your new position.

And ultimately responsibility for the increased revenue or salary that brings.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to stay as you are?

Truth is you may perceive money as a heavy responsibility.  (Can you feel the weight on your shoulders? Can you feel yourself saying, yes I would have love to have more money but…..)

I know I have been guilty of avoiding my investments from time to time, as sometimes I just think, humph I don’t want this responsibility, perhaps if I just ignore it, everything will sort itself out….

And there is something a little bit scary about having more of that stuff to deal with, and knowing what to do with it.  I’ve been there with that.  Afraid that it will consume me.

  • You might be afraid of losing it, so better than you don’t have any, or at the very least no more than you already have.
  • You might be afraid that if you try you won’t be rewarded for your effort
  • You might be afraid you couldn’t handle it.  That you haven’t got what it takes.

Simply put you may well believe that having more money would be a bigger problem.

What helped me is to tackle this negative belief and turn this thought right around.

What if you could learn to handle it?

What if you knew you were going to be rewarded?

What if the money you receive has been a gift of learning to you?

If that were the case what would your very next action be?

(Here is an idea for you!)


This week the super connected Gordon Hewett has provide a special download to help you t

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ake your action to increase your revenue.  We were discussing recently about all the hidden gems in your business, just from all the info that we hold inside our customer contact systems (or lack of!).  One small step to making more money, and embrace that the learning opportunity that money is coming to you for!

If you want to get more visible Gordon is a great networker and is great at tweeting about all things biz, and promoting you, if you make yourself known to him.  Connect with Gordon at and at to find out more about how he can help you.













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