Why should you be bothered about abundance?

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Ah yes abundance….I can hear you saying now, I’ve heard that word be banded around, like it’s the Saviour, like all we have to do is believe that abundance is there for us (like hey  Santa, or the Tooth Fairy worked, right?) and open our arms wide and BOOM; we might even get our six lottery numbers in….

You cynical lot.

But it’s OK, I’m a cynic too. 

I love to be nestled in the science of the squidgy old grey matter, looking at all those whizzy bits of electricity zooming along our superhighways.  I’m not into saying the universe will just provide if we ask…..

But you know what I think this abundance thing, has some, sexy…. hot…..long……up to your armpit type legs…

And you my friend should be taking a good long look, and asking how you can work those legs too.

Now here’s my take on abundance, what it is and how abundant thinking can help you to create your wonderfully successful life and more.

  1. Abundance – By working the mindset that more is possible, introducing the thought that you are bigger than your current situation, you start to think bigger, and attract bigger and better.
  2. Abundance – By working the mindset that more is possible and giving yourself permission to do so you will  know it is safe to want more, and you will attract more.
  3. Abundance – By working the mindset that more is possible and that just because you have or want, that doesn’t mean someone else will be missing out. In fact the more you have the more you will be able to help others, you attract more.
  4. Abundance – By working the mindset that says is your time and you are ready to step up and receive what else is there for you, you will attract more.

It’s hard to describe with just words how I feel about throwing your arms wide to receive more, so earlier today I did a Periscope to explain just that.  Here is the replay!

(And if you don’t know what Periscope is then don’t worry, I surveyed my late thirty something friends the other day, and was met with a quizzical, uh??.  It’s a new app owned by Twitter that allows you to live stream….  the replay will basically be like watching a You Tube, except because it is a recording of a live stream it’s a bit more raw…..so no editing, so you get all the um’s and hair twiddles! )

On the Scope I spoke about making small upgrades into your life, that don’t cost anything, that’s right not a bean!   The benefit of making small upgrades in your life, is that it starts firing new neural pathways, which then start to upgrade your thinking.  You feel more abundant and you start to apply that thinking to other areas of your life too.

Imagine the feeling of snuggling down in clean sheets, or walking along a woodland path.  It’s totally do-able and deserve-able to have these feelings in all parts of your life.

So to get you started here is a bumper list of ideas for free upgrades to your life.

21 FREE Life Upgrades

[FREE DOWNLOAD] No Opt In required

See how many you can tick off over the coming week and let me know in the comments how you got on.  (And if you like this download you might like the other free downloads available on the free tools page)

I’m a big believer though in sharing my abundance with you and if you want to smash down your money walls, and live that successful life you have always dreamed off, well let’s talk (it’s free to talk) and see what we can do.


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